Refund Policy

As a result of securing immediate access to the digital files and all its supporting materials and bonuses, I do not offer refunds for our digital access downloads, memberships or programs. I advice you not to enroll in the Masterclass , programs or membership if you “just want to see what it’s about.” The process to simplify this for you took an incredible amount of time and effort, and team ICY expects you to come fully prepared to do the work required for your success. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstances. except for one.

The only circumstance that will permit a refund is if a course that you have paid for is not yet available and you’d like your money back before it becomes available. All refunds are available before the course, program or masterclass begins. Once any of it begins, there will be no refunds. We are certain that if you do the work, you will experience its results!

Any course, program or masterclass and it’s documents are part of “the product” and once’ you’ve downloaded them, they can not be returned. It’s a digital product, it can not be treated the same way as returning an item at the store or food at a restaurant. Information comes with it’s access and power. Access to the product (video, guides, mp3 audio recordings, fun-sheets, planners etc.) is access to content that gets results.

Once you have access to the course, program or masterclass (videos, audio, downloads/pdf’s) or downloaded the planners or work-sheets, you will have access to information that will help you build a purposeful and profitable personal brand that is impact focused and can get you and those you share it with results.

Trusted Experience

Yetunde Shorters has dedicated the last few years to making her courses, programs or masterclasses one of the simplest and fulfilling brand activation programs available. Doing this for 20+ years. It works. She figured out and used this formula to build 100+successful purpose driven brands in the last 10 years, including her own.

It is our mission to help you create and package your purpose so that you can live a trans-formative, fulfilling and financially able life, for you and those you love.

However, if you’re thinking hard…or if other branding programs have turned you into a total skeptic, then we want to give you every opportunity to invest and execute with confidence.

All sales of digital products downloadable upon confirmation of purchase are final, including limited-time premium content, unless otherwise stated.

Monthly memberships:

Monthly memberships can be cancelled at anytime. But please note, you will only have one more opportunity to re-join. After which you will not be allowed to join any membership. Memberships are billed monthly from your sign up date. When created will not automatically cancel. If you would like to cancel a monthly subscription, you may do so at any time. However, please note that in order not to be bill for the next month you must cancel before the 20th of this month. Once cancelled, you will no longer be charged going forward. Payments for the next billing cycle will not be refunded, so please make sure to cancel prior to the 25th.

Access after Yearly or Monthly cancellation

Upon cancellation of a yearly or monthly membership, you will only continue to have access to all content purchased through the end of the cycle till your cancellation date. You will also still have access to any Private Facebook Group until the end of your billing cycle. Once your term ends you will no longer have access to any content purchased, this includes access to the Private Facebook Group or the membership. Once you have cancelled your membership, we recommend both yearly and monthly members download only downloadable content you purchased during your membership to a personal device (phone, ipad, computer). Please note, if you do not download the content you have access to based on your membership level, you will no longer have access to the content.